He is the source of His own being. He needs nothing outside Himself.

God is not a created being. He has always existed. The fact that God is self-existent is an essential characteristic of being God. If God were created, He would not be god because the being who created Him would be a god to Him.

God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands. Nor is He worshiped with men’s hands, as though He needed anything, since He gives to all life, breath, and all things (Acts 17:24-25).

God is Creator, not a crated being. Everything that exist was created by Him. We look to Him as the source of every thing even His own being. God said to Moses, I am that I am (Exodus 3:14). Not I was that I was, or I will be that I will be. Nor I have been and I will be, but I am that I am. God always has been and always will be. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

God’s being is not affected by any other influence. He simply is. Because God is self-existent, He has need of nothing. He is complete in Himself. He needs nothing to sustain His existence. This is hard for us to understand because we need so many things – food, water, and air; shelter and clothing; love, companionship, and worth. God needs none of these.

Some people want to say that God created humans because He needed someone or something to love. This is not true. If God needed anything, He would not be God. God in His triune form (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) was complete in Himself. He experiences in Himself perfect love. We are recipients of this love. Did our creation make His love any more real or complete? No, it was now simply expressed in a way that we, the created, could experience and know it.

Let us remember that God needs nothing from us or anyone else, but that He takes joy in us anyway. His self-existence can magnify awe and reverence as we approach the God, our God, who is complete in Himself.

Who has directed the Spirit of the Lord, or as His counselor has taught Him? With whom did He take counsel, and who instructed Him, and taught Him in the path of justice? Who taught Him knowledge, and showed Him the way of understanding? Isaiah 40:13-14