Made Ready

Speaker Topics

Karen Griffin is a Word-filled teacher with experience in teaching ladies of all ages.  Her passion is to help women fall deeper in love with their Savior. She has spoken at various local Women’s events.  Karen uses straight forward ‘tell it like it is’ teaching in order to help the ‘bride of Christ make herself ready’ for His return.  (Revelation 19:7)

Karen would love to partner with your ladies group. She is available to speak at single day or weekend conferences. Choose from the following topics or Karen can teach on a topic you choose.

Learning to Be: In this busy world, women fill so many roles that they often get busy serving and neglect their relationship with Christ.   If we are to be an effective servant of Christ, we need to learn to be with Him before we try to do for Him.

Becoming a Vessel of Honor: God has called each woman to be a vessel that brings Him honor. Come and learn how God shapes and prepares us for every good work so that we can become useful to our Master.

Encountering Jesus: Every encounter with Jesus is an opportunity to love and know Him more. Come and examine several Biblical encounters with Jesus in order to kindle a deeper relationship with Him.

Karen can also work with you to create a conference day that fits the specific needs of your ladies group.

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