Three simple words she had heard a thousand times, but this time they took on vast more meaning than ever before. As she stood looking at her father, who would soon be walking her down the aisle, tears welled in her eyes as the memories of her life flooded her soul.

Yes, she was ready in that she was clothed in a wedding gown only slightly less engaging than she. Her hair was fixed, her make-up applied with ultimate precision. Her bridesmaids stood waiting, and she was sure her groom was as well.

But, was she ready? Was she ready to leave her life of familiarity that she had known now for some twenty plus years? Was she prepared to be the wife that the one waiting deserved? So the three simple words rang in her mind. “Are you ready?”

Are you ready?” This is the question we each need to hear today.

 “Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory!

For the wedding of the Lamb has come,

and His bride has made herself ready.

Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear…”

Revelation 19:7-8


Most women spend their whole lives dreaming of their wedding day. Each one dreams about the dress she will wear, the colors she will use, and song she will first dance to as a married woman. But what she dreams of most is the man with whom she will stand at the altar and exchange ‘I do’s.’


When we receive salvation, whether we are married or single, we each gain a new wedding day to dream about. Revelation 19:7 speaks of the wedding of the Lamb.  It will be a day of rejoicing and gladness. The day our Groom, the Lamb, will finally receive the glory He deserves. It will be the day that we will celebrate the beginning of eternity with the One who love us so much He died to make us His. It will be a day that far exceeds any dream we can conjure with our finite minds.


But, are we ready?


When we dream about our future marriage to the Lamb, we should ask ourselves the same thing the father of the bride asked, “Are you ready?” Just as planning for a wedding is so much more that choosing the right attire, selecting the appropriate music, and picking the desired décor; being ready for Jesus’s return is more than simply knowing Him. It is spending time to acquaint ourselves with our future Groom in such a way that we are allow ourselves to be transformed into a bride that has been made ready.


To be ready for His turn, we must spend time in preparation.  Revelation 19:8 say the bride will be given fine linen, bright and clean, to wear.  The fine linen is made up of the “righteous acts of the saints.”  Every bride spends hours, days, maybe even months looking for the right wedding gown. The gown we will wear in eternity is made of righteous acts.


I am not certain if each one’s gown will be a direct reflection of every righteous act they have performed.  Romans 3:22 tells us that we are clothed with “the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ.” Our Father, the Father of our Groom, provides for us a gown of unsurpassed quality and beauty.  Thus, I am confident that we will each be adequately clothed when the marriage comes. However, I wonder if each of our gowns might in some way reflect the righteousness we exhibit here on earth. If so, I certainly want to be arrayed with fine linen that has been embellished with precious jewels.


Am I ready? I stand as the bride stood in the opening, asking myself the same question. “Am I prepared to be the wife that the One waiting deserves?”  And I ask you the same question, “Are you ready?”


This blog is written by a fellow bride-to-be, calling to my sisters and asking you to journey with me to make the proper preparations before the day of the marriage is upon us.  Would you journey with me as I seek to fall in love with the Lamb and to purify myself and increase the level of commitment to my Love?


Join me here each week and share your journey as I share mine.  Also, feel free to reach out to me by email or face book.  I would love to hear your story.


Are you ready?”