Spending time with God is invaluable for spiritual growth, yet many of us struggle to reading His word daily. We all agree it is important, so why do we struggle to do it? We each have 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in each hour. Yet, it doesn’t seem like enough time.

In order to spend more time in the Word, we must prioritize doing so. We must make a plan and follow it. We may also need to implement creative ways to get more of the Word. Here are some ways you can be in the Word more in 2018.

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Putting God’s Word in your mind

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Make appointments with God. At the beginning of each month, take out your calendar and schedule 4 to 6 appointments with God. Do not let these appointments be optional. Schedule your other appointments around them.

Plan time daily in the Word. This time does not have to be long. It can be 10-20 minutes. The average reader can read through the Bible in a year with only 17 minutes a day! (Get up 10 minutes earlier or stay up 10 minutes later.)

Use an audio Bible. Listen to it while you do other tasks. (showering, driving, housework, etc).

Use a Bible app. Bible apps can remind you it is time to read the Bible, send you a daily Scripture, provide a daily reading plan, etc. Find one you like and use it.

Find a partner. Form a joint plan to be in the Word. Get together once a week, either in person or by phone, to hold each other accountable.

Keep God’s Word before your eyes

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One of the challenges of being in the Word is not only reading it, but remembering what we have read. Here are a few ideas that have helped me over the years.

Use Post-It notes. Keep Post-it notes in your study area. When a verse hits you, write it down. Stick the note somewhere you will see it often; two of my favorite places are my computer screen and my steering wheel.

Use dry erase markers. Write verses on your mirror, windows, or even your refrigerator. (I usually do this with verses that I am trying to memorize or apply).

Use bathtub crayons. (They’re not just for kids.) Write encouraging verses in you shower. We all shower at least once a day, so let’s use that time to focus on the Word.

Write it on your skin. When I have a verse that I need to keep in my mind all day, I will use Sharpie and write it on my hands or arms. Although it seems radical, I find it is the only way to keep that Scripture before my eyes and thus in my mind.

Hiding God’s Word in your heart

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Memorizing 1 verse per month = 12 verses a year.
1 verse per week = 52 verses a year.

We are all capable of memorizing Scripture. We just need to do it.

Pick your Scripture. Find at least 12 verses you would like to memorize. If you need suggestions, do a simple google search of favorite scriptures and pick the ones you like. Write them on note cards, so you can carry them with you.

Practice. Memorizing may be a challenge, but most things new are. If you will spend 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and evening to memorizing, you will be surprised how quickly your memory will grow. You can also practice them at lunch time or other break times.

Pray. God commands us to hide His word in our hearts. Pray and ask for His help your mind be able to remember the verse. He will help you.

Pursue different methods. You can find Scripture set to music on the internet, make up your own tune or beat, or record Scripture on your phone and listen to it while you drive or eat. Write it, type it, draw it. Do anything that will help memorize it.

Ponder the verse. Meditating on the verse will help you memorize and understand it. Think about what it says and what God is saying to you through it. Formulate ways to apply the verse to life.

These are some of the ideas I have used over the years to get more in and from the Word, but I am sure you have some of your own.

Please comment below and share ways you have creatively fed upon the Word of God so that others can benefit from your wisdom.